animal rescue t shirt 2The birth of “Real Men Rescue” unknowingly began years ago as I fought to save the life of the runt of a kitten litter I rescued from the Miami Dade shelter (kill shelter). I knew the odds were slim that the runt would survive, nonetheless, I found myself sleeping on the floor night after night to keep the entire litter of kittens warm, keeping the runt closest to me. I tirelessly bottle fed each one with the hopes that all would get healthy enough to adopt out. In the end, me, who grew up hunting and fishing with my dad, the “manly guy” as my friends knew me, needed help driving to the vet to save her life when things took a turn for the worse. It was a day that all animal lovers fear the most. She didn’t make it. I found a spot in my garden for her to be with the flowers and sunshine. Her brothers and sisters were adopted by really amazing families.

I’ve since moved from that house in Florida and have not been in the position to provide a foster home for animals but wanted to find a way to continue to give back in a different way. Remembering that tiny kitten resting in my arms along with countless other animals I had fostered and saved lead me to the Real Men Rescue concept.

We’ve all heard the sayings “real men provide for their family”, “real men protect their families”, “real men will help an elderly person across the road”. From my perspective, those same real men save lots of animals too!

The Real Men Rescue Concept:

Let’s face it. Rescues help financially with food and medical supplies the best they can, but with limited resources, caring for those animals lies mostly on the foster family. During my time of fostering, many fosters were men. From charity fundraiser events to local pet shops, I didn’t see anything on the market to show appreciation for the men who care for and save animals.

I came up with a way to recognize all the dedicated men who do great things for our four legged friends, help fund the rescues, foster parents and raise awareness at the same time. Our Real Men Rescue Collection features high quality products designed to show our pride in great things we do. There are hats and shirts, doggie bandanas, drinkware, window decals, pet dishes and more. Every item has a donation value attached to it. I show you upfront how we can make a difference together.

animal rescue womans t shirtAnd to the amazing and wonderful men and women who have great guys in your lives who do so much good together I have real men rescue gear for you too.

Shirts that read “I’m with a man who saves animals”

“My man saves puppies and kittens”

“My man bottle feeds kittens”

Here’s how it works:

At the time of checkout, identify the rescue in your area (if none don’t worry) we are growing so not everyone will be on just yet. If you don’t see your preferred rescue, please let the rescues and shelters you help out know about us so they can register with Real Men Rescue. In the mean time you can make your purchase and let us know who you would like your donation to go to ______________ Rescue. Please provide us with the rescue name, email and point of contact so that we can start the process of registering them.

We would be grateful if you could help spread the word on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or wherever you might have an online presence. Your help in spreading the word helps in many ways. First is I can keep overhead down which allows us to raise more money for helping the rescues and there are so many people online who are foster families, adopted families or rescues who can find us from being viewed on your friends and followers feeds.

If you are a rescue and would like to participate please complete our very short registration form. We will verify the information and once we have we, ask that you like our FB page, Instagram and Twitter account and put a post that you are being supported by us. If you have a website we will provide a link or banner. We will do the same.

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